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(Read The Policy Below Before Requesting A Review)

Read this first!

Our policy is that the leads we send to you are final and we do not give refunds or credits. That said, we want to provide a way for our clients to request a review so we can make a determination as to whether an exception is warranted.

Please understand that at Service Vista we truly care about your success. Each and every team member are in your corner and want to help you. We feel disappointed when you let us know that a lead isn't valuable.

  • We understand many clients have been burned in the past by lead providers and we pride ourselves on being different. We setup this system to give you maximum flexibility, with the ability to buy a guaranteed number of appointments and getting support from a dedicated account manager.

  • We understand that any billing leads by the bundle model can lead to friction if a lead doesn't work out. We get it.

  • Please understand that all the leads that we book for you come from first party data purchased from US tax records and are generated by our ISA Team by individually calling each homeowner until we find the ones interested in your product.

  • We don't control what happens after the lead has agreed to an appointment with you. We don't control if they provide false information in the qualifying process about their financial situation or give us any other sort of misleading data. That's why we investigate these leads by searching our database of calls, to find the lead and review the call notes and see if it was possibly a mistake on our side.

  • We take responsibility for mistakes on our side but we don't take responsibility for leads that change their mind and possibly ghost you as well as we don't take responsibility over your follow up and sales process which is the big differentiator. We are here to help get "your foot through the door" digitally, qualify the leads on certain criteria about their home and pre-frame them before possibly learning more about going solar from an expert.

  • Our customers have huge ROI from our service. That's accounting for a portion of the leads that simply don't work out. To achieve massive success with our service, you don't need 100% close rate for each and every lead - far from it. So taking the good with those that don't workout is part of the process mentally that every one of our most successful customers have.

If you would like for us to review a lead that we sent please fill in the form below with accurate data so we can investigate, to see how we can do better and to determine whether an exception is warranted.

Please allow 7-10 business days for us to complete the lead review

For further questions please contact your account manager or send an email to

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